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TideCraft Boats Models:

Firehawk 200
TideCraft Bimini Tops
Firehawk 200 D/C
Firehawk 200 SC

Firehawk 225
TideCraft Bimini Tops
Firehawk 225 D/C
Firehawk 225 SC

Grand Bayou
TideCraft Bimini Tops
Grand Bayou 40 (Stick)
Grand Bayou 40S
Grand Bayou 90 (Console)

TideCraft Bimini Tops
Spitfire 100
Spitfire 100 DC
Spitfire 100 SC
Spitfire 115
Spitfire 115 F/S
Spitfire 115 SC
Spitfire E
Spitfire II
Spitfire V-15
Spitfire V-15DLX
Spitfire V-15P
Spitfire V-15P *
Spitfire V-15SP
Spitfire XL

Wildfire 120
TideCraft Bimini Tops
Wildfire 120 Bass
Wildfire 120 DC
Wildfire 120 F/S
Wildfire 120 SC

Wildfire 150
TideCraft Bimini Tops
Wildfire 150 F&S TLT-1710
Wildfire 150 F/S
Wildfire 150 SC
Wildfire 150 D/C
Wildfire 150 TLT-1700

Wildfire 175
TideCraft Bimini Tops
Wildfire 175 F/S

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Many warranty options available.
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Call us at 1-800-589-0602
Call us at 1-800-589-0602.
FREE fabric samples upon request.

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