Tower Bimini TopsSelect Height

Step 1: Measure & Select Height

How To Measure Your Height:

    Measure your tower height
  • Tower Biminis are designed to mount within the confines of most wakeboard towers to provide shade for the driver and spotter.
  • To find the right tower bimini for your boat, first determine the mounting point. (Where you want the bimini to attach on one side of the tower to the same location on the opposite side of the tower).
  • Next, determine the height of the tower bimini by measuring up, from the mounting point, the amount of clearance you will need.
  • Choose the ideal height to fit your needs - either 16" or 26".
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Select Your Tower Bimini Top Height:

16" Height Tower Bimini Tops

    Ideal for:
  • Boats with shorter ski towers.
  • Boats with shorter wakeboard towers.
  • Mounting higher on tower.
  • Creating a sleek & sporty look.

26" Height Tower Bimini Tops

    Ideal for:
  • Boats with taller ski towers.
  • Boats with taller wakeboard towers.
  • Providing more headroom for driver.
  • Providing more clearance for spoter.